Legal Services

Mission Statement

I beieve in a life of service. It is my mission to do all things, work, home, and play, to the glory of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Service Statement

I provide practical legal solutions for small and mid-sized business owners. My unique experience offers the opportunity for entrepreneurs to focus on their business while relying on me to pro-actively take care of legal issues before they manifest themselves. My objective is to uncover and resolve issues before they affect the business and minimize or eradicate their impact.

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Business Law

Doing business in today’s complex environment with constant changes in tax law, employment law, and local statutes is becoming more challenging for business owners and executives. When you feel like you are up against a brick wall, you will need a trusted advisor to help you make the best decision possible for your situation. Often times, careful planning and proactive steps can help you avoid a potentially costly and devastating legal situation. For example, taking steps to create defensible standard agreements, compliant employee contracts, retirement structures, and pre-planning for expansion can go a long way to ensure your business operates as efficiently and profitably as possible.


Common examples of issues that may affect you and your employees and where our expertise can provide solutions:


         - Contracts

         - Collections

         - Buy/Sell Agreements

         - Succession Planning

         - Real Estate Transactions

         - Leases

Woodlands Tomball Legal Services lawyer attorney


Estate Planning

There are few things as important as protecting your legacy. Years of work can be gone in an instant without proper estate planning. Have you had your Will reviewed lately? Something as simple as a review can ensure that both your Will and your beneficiaries are protected when the time comes time to transfer your estate.


Do you have the following?

         - Will or updated Will?

         - Powers of Attorney?

         - Directive to Physician?

         - HIPPA Release?


Start today with this Estate Document Questionnaire and let’s make a great plan for you, together.


Additionally, there are many other things you can do in preparation for estate planning. Are there contracts in place to protect your business? Have you planned for the transfer of your Real Estate? You have worked hard throughout your life. Protect your legacy and help ensure the best transition plan.


Woodlands Tomball Legal Services lawyer attorney



Disputes and lawsuits can be difficult ordeals. You will need someone standing with you who has years of experience. In addition to local courts, I am licensed to appear before the following courts:

         1.   Supreme Court of the United States
         2.   Supreme Court of Texas, Georgia, Colorado & Washington State
         3.   U.S. Tax Court, U.S. 5th Circuit Court & U.S. Southern District Court in Texas


Having appeared before a variety of jurisdictions, gives us an advantage when protecting your interests. I provide litigation services for both civil and criminal proceedings. Whether you are facing criminal prosecution, divorce or custody issues, personal injury or business disputes, my experience will help you navigate the process and provide the best legal services possible.